Share Your Files

Share your files with gMelt

gMeltApp allows you to restore, retrieve or transfer your valuable information. gMeltApp is available through the AppStore on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, as well as through Android Market and you can access your stored information anytime, anywhere from any device that supports a web-browser - no cables required. With the intuitive interface and intelligent sorting functionality, uploading and managing your files is quick and simple. You can also download, view and share popular file types, such as Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks, PDFs, .vcf, jpg, MOV, and more. Share files, big or small - or take away sharing privileges at anytime. Your data and information can be saved and, at the touch of a button, the device's memory can be cleared for new information or if your smartphone was ever lost or stolen. Parental and administrative features provide peace of mind allowing you to manage your smartphones and tablets effectively. Rest assured all online information is kept private and secure.

gMeltApp is a perfect way to share files with and distribute files to other people you interact with in work or play. You control the level of access completely. It's easy, flexible, and worry-free. Simply select the files, specify recipients, and gMelt will automatically create a message and send it. Recipients receive an email with the message and if they are a fellow gMelter, they get a notification on the gMeltApp on their mobile device and in their INBOX on gMeltWeb. They can access the file through their gMelt account in their SHARE folder.

Easily upload contacts, photos, videos, presentations, from your smartphone or computer, and you choose with whom to share them with. With just one click, your friends or coworkers will have access to those memories. If you change your mind, just click the unshared button from your gMeltWeb account.