Comparison Charts

Pro vs. Personal
Android vs. Apple

System requirements

Android OS
ver. 1.6 or later

iPhone OS
ver. 3.1 or later

iPad OS
ver. 3.2.2 or later

iPod Touch OS
ver. 3.0 or later

Internet Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Google Chrome

gMeltPro™ vs. gMeltPersonal™

gMelt on the iPad gMelt on Android and iPhone

Choose the Right gMelt for You!

gMeltPersonal gMeltPro
Concurrent shared files 20 unlimited
gMeltCloud storage space included 50Mb 250Mb
Upgradeable gMeltCloud storage no yes (to 256Gb)
# of devices supported 2 100
# of monthly gMeltCloud I/Os 150 1500
Device "Zap" (wipe) option no yes*
Device location tracking no yes*
View files yes yes
Restore files** yes yes
Back-up files and lists** yes yes
Schedule back-ups** yes yes
Upload files** yes yes
Download files** yes yes
Admin screen yes yes
gMelt password management yes yes
gMelt INBOX yes yes
gMelt account management yes yes
Share files yes yes
gMelt device storage alarm settings yes yes
gMelt "wheel" auto-arrange settings yes yes
Instant mobile FAQ/support link yes yes
Customizable "gButton" short-cut yes yes
Notifications (via e-mail, gMeltApp, gMeltWeb) yes yes

* not available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
** OS-limited functionality on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad