• Reduce costs by leveraging next-generation cloud technology
  • Ensure safe-keeping of valuable information
  • Reduce hassles of off-loading data
  • Locate lost phone, delete info, restore info to new phone
  • Back up locally or to remote locations
  • Enable/disable access to user-generated content
Find out how gMelt Mobile Device Management works for you Find out how gMelt Mobile Device Management works for your business
gMelt. The first complete, cloud-based, multi-platform smartphone, tablet and device management system that is easy to use and convenient to have. With gMeltApp, you can instantly offload information stored on your smartphone, tablet or device to free up space for more- without using cables- from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or carrier network connection. gMeltCloud's management system is a secure cloud-based technology that centralizes your stored information and allows you to easily upload, download and restore files, and with gMeltWeb, you can access, monitor, delete or share your files anytime, anywhere using devices that support a browser, including your smartphone! Track multiple Android or iPhone smartphones, iPod Touch and tablet devices too.

gMelt helps you find your lost mobile device by using its built-in GPS mapping system and you can remotely wipe your sensitive information if need be*. gMelt will help you keep track of SMS, email messages and all your PIM data. gMelt also supports the freedom of social networking so you can securely share original-sized photos, videos, documents and other media with friends and co-workers.

*Android only using Pro account