Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Monitor and track up to 100 smartphones and tablets

Plenty of Storage
Choose from a variety of capacities - from 50Mb to 256G

Uses the same encryption as banks so only you have access to your information

Fast Recovery
When time comes to restoring files is fast and simple

Access Files Anywhere
Upload and download files using any browser

Business Benefits

gMelt™ for your small business. It's all about getting the job done.

gMelt - Mobile Device Management

gMelt is a powerful productivity tool for your small business. Whether you are using smartphones or supporting them, gMelt makes it easier to deploy, monitor and track multiple smartphones and devices. And with its secure, cloud-based management system and multi-platform support, sharing of files - practically any files - is quick and painless. You can quickly upload information from a smartphone and then exchange documents, photos, videos, and other files with colleagues and clients. And those tools can be a component of a good backup strategy. Best of all, your information is accessible anywhere, anytime - all you need is internet access - no cables required. gMelt is easy to use, and affordable. Small businesses can get flexibility and peace of mind without breaking the budget.

Share your files and images.

gMelt - Mobile Device Management for business Share your files and images through just one site without ever having to worry about disk space, hosting, or bandwidth again. You need to share content with a dynamic network of people that gets larger everyday. gMelt offers the flexibility to share content with colleagues, clients or partners - without sacrificing security or control. All sorts of files can be sent: photos, PDFs, Word docs, movies, building plans, designs, software programs, medical reports etc. gMelt isn't limited to any particular profession which means you can send that large file, now.

Back up your information.

Use gMelt to back up your important smartphone files so you can be confident your files are always available through the web interface. You don't have to upload the file each time you want to send it either. With gMelt all your files are free from disaster, virus, human error or theft. Schedule backups to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Track and monitor.

gMelt's GPS location tracking system can help you find and retrieve your smartphone or tablet. You can also follow the location of the phone through the mobile device via the gMeltWeb map interface, and with scheduled SMS, MMS and e-mail back-up for monitoring, you can make sure important messages don't get lost!

gMelt is simple and reliable to use.

Sharing large files is extremely clean and straightforward. You pick a file in your account, choose with whom you are sharing it with, and with a click of a button, the person you're sharing it with gets a short notification via email as well as in their INBOX on both the device app and web account. They can download the information at their convenience. gMelt is perfect for busy people who just need things to work.

About gMelt.

gMeltCloud - A secure cloud-based technology that centralizes your stored information and allows you to easily upload, download and restore files. Whether you are online or offline, working at home, the office or on the road, gMelt makes it convenient for you to backup your information utilizing the gMeltCloud.

gMeltWeb - Access, monitor, delete or share files anytime, anywhere using any device that supports a browser, including smartphones! Track multiple Android or iPhone smartphones, iPod Touch and tablet devices by using its built-in GPS mapping system and you can remotely wipe your sensitive information if need be.* gMelt will help you keep track of SMS, email messages and -and all your PIM data.

gMeltApp -With gMelt's advanced management capabilities, you can easily monitor, track and manage your gMelt account. Check your shared files, upgrade your account, change your password, track your phones, enroll new phones or devices, add or remove privileges, conduct a remote wipe, and more. Instantly offload information stored on your smartphone, tablet or device to free up space for more- without using cables- from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or carrier network connection. All in a secure, password-protected interface.

*Android only using Pro account