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  • Multi-platform
  • Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  • Expandable
  • Monitor and track up to 100 smartphones and tablets

  • Plenty of Storage
  • Choose from a variety of capacities - from 50Mb to 256Gb+

  • Secure
  • Uses the same encryption as banks so only you have access to your information

  • Fast Recovery
  • When the time comes to restoring files it's fast and simple

  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Upload and download files using any browser

Business Benefits

gMelt™ for your growing business. It's all about getting the job done.

gMelt is a powerful productivity tool for your small business. Whether you are using smartphones or supporting them, gMelt makes it easier to deploy, monitor and track multiple smartphones and devices. And with its secure, cloud-based management system and multi-platform support, sharing of files - practically any files - is quick and painless. You can quickly upload information from a smartphone and then exchange documents, photos, videos, and other files with colleagues and clients. And those tools can be a component of a good backup strategy. Best of all, your information is accessible anywhere, anytime - all you need is internet access - no cables required. gMelt is easy to use, and affordable. Small businesses can get flexibility and peace of mind without breaking the budget.

Share your files and images.

Share your files and images through just one site without ever having to worry about disk space, hosting, or bandwidth again. You need to share content with a dynamic network of people that gets larger everyday. gMelt offers the flexibility to share content with colleagues, clients or partners - without sacrificing security or control. All sorts of files can be sent: photos, PDFs, Word docs, movies, building plans, designs, software programs, medical reports etc. gMelt isn't limited to any particular profession which means you can send that large file, now.

Back up your information.

Use gMelt to back up your important smartphone files so you can be confident your files are always available through the web interface. You don't have to upload the file each time you want to send it either. With gMelt all your files are free from disaster, virus, human error or theft. Schedule backups to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Track and monitor.

gMelt's GPS location tracking system can help you find and retrieve your smartphone or tablet. You can also follow the location of the phone through the mobile device via the gMeltWeb map interface, and with scheduled SMS, MMS and e-mail back-up for monitoring, you can make sure important messages don't get lost!

gMelt is simple and reliable to use.

Sharing large files is extremely clean and straightforward. You pick a file in your account, choose with whom you are sharing it with, and with a click of a button, the person you're sharing it with gets a short notification via email as well as in their INBOX on both the device app and web account. They can download the information at their convenience. gMelt is perfect for busy people who just need things to work.


Ready when you are.

gMelt lets you instantly save information to the cloud or save locally on the on-board memory of your mobile device. But that’s not all. gMelt’s powerful capabilities provide for automatic data saving:

Upload your data - gMelt allows you to set the frequency as to when to completely upload your data into the cloud with a scheduling option that can be set by time of day, day of week and by month. No more setting reminders or forgetting to save valuable information elsewhere.

Backup your data - Incrementally store data after initial uploading your device’s contents, making for quick and easy storage of recently-created information.

Off-loading your data -After you have backed-up or uploaded your information to the cloud, you also have the option of automatically deleting the information on your device, freeing up valuable storage space without the hassle of attaching your device to a computer and wasting time removing it manually.

Be Flexible

  • Secure Storage and Backup
  • Offload Smartphone and Tablet Information
  • Share and Collaborate Files
  • Remote and Mobile File Access
    Anywhere, Any Device, Any Browser
  • Add Devices As You Go
    Smartphones or Tablets- and Use Your Computer Too!

Offload Information on gMeltCloud

Offload information to the cloud with gMelt. As the amount of unprotected information stored on multiple smartphone devices increases, it becomes harder to synchronize and easier to lose. Keeping data secure, backed up and available can be expensive and hard to manage. Whether you are online or offline, working at home, the office or on the road, gMelt makes it convenient for you to backup your information utilizing the gMeltCloud. You can upload, store, access, monitor and share files everywhere. In the case of a lost, damaged, reset or upgraded smartphone, users can restore the smartphone's data and applications on the existing or new phone. Store all your important information - email, contacts, calendars, photos, videos and files - on a centralized place, viewable on gMeltWeb. You have plenty of storage space - even for large files. Just add the files you need to your gMeltCloud and they will automatically sort into its appropriate file folder based on the file extension. Whatever you upload will be there for you to access or share using a web browser on any computer or mobile device or using the gMeltApp for your Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. So no matter where you go or which device you use, you can access all your information from anywhere - and it is exactly where it should be, anytime you need it. So go ahead, take a picture at the company event or your client's site, or a video of a presentation and instantly send it to your gMeltCloud and share it with colleagues all over the world- without the worry of losing your phone's precious information.

Plenty of storage space

gMelt is available in a variety of capacities - from 50MB, to 256GB+. gMeltPersonal starts with 50MB of storage - perfect for the person who wants basic backup storage. Should you need additional storage, just upgrade to gMeltPro with 250MB, or gMeltPro32, 64, 128, or 256 for even more capacity. With all gMelt packages, feel free to move information in and out of your account any time you need to - as well as share, email, and transfer your data. It is all included. You can even upload your computer's files for safe-keeping and sharing through gMeltWeb.

Security is our top priority

gMelt's secure cloud-based management system commits extensive resources to the design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of our secure cloud-based infrastructure.

gMeltCloud uses the latest, safest, certified and accredited methods to store your data within the cloud, which includes redundant back-up technology, data encryption, and physical and virtual access restrictions, among others. We also use network security settings that protect against nefarious activities designed to disrupt service or hack into the system, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, IP spoofing, port scanning and packet sniffing. It is enterprise-level security being employed for all of our users.

Our gMeltApp and gMeltWeb service employs the same technology used in credit card and banking transactions, secure sockets layer, or SSL technology. When sending data, this technology creates a unique "socket" between the two locations, encrypts the data being transmitted across the internet and only sends it to its intended destination, where it is decrypted and displayed. This technology has been used for years and has been "field-proven" as a safe transmission method.

You can share, manage and access your information with confidence.

Available for iPhone and Android.

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