• Cloud-based Mobile Information Management for People and Businesses

About Us


In 2009, Fidelithon Systems was founded by Kevin Allan in Silicon Valley to solve a problem that hadn't been resolved previously: unlimit mobile individuals in all their capabilities. From this philosophy came gMelt, the first complete, cloud-based, multi-platform centralized smartphone management system designed for personal use and SMBs. Fidelithon uses the latest business practices and technology to deliver value and performance to our customers everywhere.

About Kevin: Kevin is a Silicon Valley industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in product management, marketing and entrepreneurship in the communications and mobile industry. He has overseen development and launched dozens of new products to market at Nortel Networks, NETGEAR, AirMagnet and others while growing revenues in excess of $200M. Kevin holds an Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Santa Clara University. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What We Do/Deliver

Fidelithon Systems designs and implements patented technology to free-up and control information so people and businesses can access it from anywhere. Since smart phones represent the favored technology for accessing the internet and provide thousands of tools and applications, data and information used on the devices can be manipulated and stored locally. We provide the ability to move it elsewhere, such as the "cloud", as well as provide tools to ensure your mobile assets are preserved properly.

Who We Are

We understand the need for mobility, the criticality of information and the ability to bring it with you wherever you go. We also understand that the vehicles to deliver this information (smartphones, tablets and other "information access" devices) will continue to evolve as an indispensible part of modern society, so the ability to secure these items and provide resolution are at the front of our business philosophy.

How Is Fidelithon Different?

Fidelithon Systems is truly a customer-focused organization. We were built on the premise that establishing a high level of trust and developing a long-term relationship with our customers encourages them to rely on us for continued services. Our business philosophy is to leverage the best and latest technologies available to optimize our customer's positive experience and providing sustainable value. And as the market transitions evolve, so do our product offerings - all to best meet customer needs. This distinctive blend of cutting-edge technologies and products, industry expertise, and high-quality customer service is why many consumers and small-and medium-sized businesses trust Fidelithon with their information.

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