Fidelithon Systems files non-provisional patent for gMelt mobile phone management technology

Silicon Valley start-up provides worry-free virtual lifestyle with smart phone apps

San Jose, CA - June 13, 2011 Fidelithon Systems™, LLC, a leader in cloud-based centralized smart phone management for consumer and SMBs, today announced that it has filed a non-provisional patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) regarding data handling technology and cloud computing used within its gMelt™ product. The gMelt smartphone management system incorporates elements of smartphones, the cloud, file management, phone tracking, and data backup and retrieval, among other capabilities, for an Android phone or iPhone or similar OS-based devices.

The gMelt system consists of an Android app or iPhone app that runs on the mobile device, a web component, and cloud storage and cloud computing capabilities. All combined creates a “virtual” computer, accessible anywhere there is a cellular, Wi-Fi or IP-based network, whereby the interface of the computer is the smartphone, tablet or other device and the extended data storage and management is handled through the app and the cloud. Users can store their mobile-created data in the cloud, backup their device, retrieve and share specific files with anyone and restore these files back onto the device in case it is lost locally.

“As more and more people incorporate ‘smart devices’ into their mobile lifestyle, the ability to use all elements of a conventional computer, i.e., the interface, CPU and storage has to become mobile as well” said Kevin Allan, Principal and Founder at Fidelithon. “The technology incorporated into these devices continues to grow, as does the risk of loss of this critical data. The gMelt system can mitigate the risk of data and device loss, while enabling the user to access and share their content from anywhere. It is central to the concept of this patent filing, and reinforces our continued commitment to those embracing a virtual lifestyle.”

The gMelt system requires an app to be installed on each device from the respective app stores on the smart device (Apple: App Store, Android: Market). Customers can purchase the app through gMeltWeb (, as well as manage and upgrade their account.

About Fidelithon Systems, LLC

Located in Silicon Valley, California, Fidelithon Systems provides multi-platform solutions to effectively manage data on mobile devices for personal and small business (SMB) uses. Further information about Fidelithon and its offerings can be found at Join us on FaceBook and Twitter (gMeltApp).

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