• Cloud-based Mobile Information Management for People and Businesses

Centralized Smartphone Management for Your Lifestyle

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gMelt: get MY e-life together

  • Secure Cloud Storage, Scheduled or Instant Backup and Restore
  • Offload Smartphone and Tablet Information to Make More Room on Your Device
  • Securely Share Files and Collaborate
    Online and Offline
  • Access Files on Mobile, Tablet or Computer
    Anywhere, Any Device, Any Browser
  • Locate Lost Devices Using Location History
  • Manage Many Devices Through One Account

System-level Control


  • Reduce costs by leveraging next-generation cloud technology
  • Ensure safe-keeping of valuable information
  • Reduce hassles of off-loading data
  • Locate lost phone, delete info, restore info to new phone
  • Back up locally or to remote locations
  • Enable/disable access to user-generated content
  • Even back-up your PC information to the cloud and share those files!


  • See your entire library on one page
  • Super-fast image loading
  • Navigate everything from one page on the gMeltCloud

Easy to use

  • 1-step uploading
  • Auto-sorting by type of file extension
  • Share files with a touch of a button

Safe & Private

  • A secure archive for your smartphone information
  • Completely private - no public galleries
  • Same encryption used in credit card and banking transactions

Monitor and Manage

Why use the gMeltApp™?

gMeltApp is a perfect way to share files with and distribute files to other people you interact with in work or play. You control the level of access completely. It's easy, flexible, and worry-free. Simply select the files, specify recipients, and gMelt will automatically create a message and send it. Recipients receive an email with the message and if they are a fellow gMelter, they get a notification on the gMeltApp on their mobile device and in their INBOX on gMeltWeb. They can access the file through their gMelt account in their SHARE folder.

gMeltApp allows you to restore, retrieve or transfer your valuable information. You can access your stored information anytime, anywhere from any device that supports a web-browser - no cables required. With the intuitive interface and intelligent sorting functionality, uploading and managing your files is quick and simple. You can also download, view and share popular file types, such as Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks, PDFs, .vcf, jpg, MOV, and more. Share files, big or small - or take away sharing privileges at anytime.

Broad platform support

  • Android (v 1.6 and beyond)
  • iPhone OS Versions 3.1 and beyond (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)


  • Enrollment of new iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch and Android devices
  • Add new devices to current account (one additional device for gMeltPersonal and 99 additional devices for gMeltPro

Smartphone administrative features

  • Auto arrange icons for most used (enable/disable)
  • Wheel short cuts via "g-button"
  • Change password
  • Invite friends
  • Activate/upgrade account
  • Adjustable phone storage capacity alarm/notification
  • GPS activation (on/off)
  • GPS sampling settings (2-60 minutes)
  • Access to web-based FAQs through app
  • Scheduling for up-loads and back-ups
  • Management of INBOX notifications

Track, Locate and Secure

Get the most out of gMeltWeb™

With gMelt's advanced management capabilities, you can easily monitor, track and manage your gMelt account at https://gmelt.fidelithon.com/gMelt-web. Check your shared files, upgrade your account, change your password, track your phones, enroll new phones or devices, add or remove privileges, conduct a remote wipe, and more. All in a secure, password-protected interface.

Misplaced your phone? Apprehensive to where your teenager was last night? gMelt's GPS location tracking system can help you find and retrieve your smartphone or tablet. You can also follow your loved ones through their mobile device via the gMeltWeb map interface, and with scheduled SMS and e-mail back-up for monitoring, you can make sure your child's messaging is in the right direction too!

Go to https://gmelt.fidelithon.com/gMelt-web, sign in from any device with a browser and gMeltWeb locates your devices on a map, and even displays the location history of devices for up to 7 days.

Protect your privacy with remote wipe

Your smartphone contains important and personal information - information you probably don't want strangers to have. So if you lose your Android smartphone and tracking it hasn't resulted in its safe return, you can initiate a remote wipe to restore to the factory settings. If you eventually find your smartphone, or if you get a new one, you can restore all your up-to-date files including email, contacts, calendars, photos, videos, etc. by enabling your gMelt account on your device.

Secure operation

  • Password policy enforcement
  • Encryption policy enforcement
  • Remote wipe (available for Android only in Pro version)

gMeltWeb features

  • View, delete, upload, download and share data stored on gMeltCloud, including lists (call logs, apps, contacts, etc.) and files (photos, videos, documents, SMS/MMS messages, etc.)
  • INBOX notification administration (view, delete)
  • Track your shared files and those with whom you've shared- and tell your friends on Twitter, FaceBook and a myriad of other social networking sites that you've shared them!
  • Account management- change your password, email account, security questions and upgrade your account
  • Monitor the amount of account storage in your gMeltCloud
  • Monitor the amount of I/O transactions to and from your account
  • Check how many files you've shared with others
  • Device management-
    • Customize names of devices for inventory purposes
    • Track devices using on-board GPS (Pro version)
    • Remotely wipe data from device (Android only in Pro)
  • Use on any major web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and more!)

Available for iPhone and Android.

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